Amazing Cake Ideas’ Award-Winning Cake Decorators

Amazing Cake Ideas’ Award-Winning Cake Decorators


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Amazing Cake Ideas' Award-Winning Cake Decorator
Amazing Cake Ideas’ Award-Winning Cake Decorator
Today, we are bringing to you another type of competition, this is in searching for the Award-Winning Cake Decorators in the world. For you, who do you think are the two Award-Winning Cake Decorators from all the entries? Answer this question by clicking the LIKE button below the cake image. By hitting the LIKE button you are voting for your favorite cake artist as well.
Please take note that all cake images that are presented in the next few pages are arranged in no particular order. We hope you LIKE your most favorite cakes. 1 LIKE is equivalent to 1 VOTE. These contest is to give honor to the cake decorators or bakers who continuously inspire us to design more cakes. 😀
If you like to participate in this friendly competition, please send your entry to our email with a subject “I am an Award-Winning Cake Decorator“. Don’t forget to indicate the name of the cake and your business or FB page name. To convince someone to like your cake, much better if you write something about it, maybe 1 sentence or more. Submission of entries will be up to July 20, 2016 UTC-5 only.
Please participate on the contest to give honor to these cake decorators.
Very Simple Contest Guidelines:
  1. There will be two winners here, our resident cake decorators’ choice and the cake image which will earn the highest number of FB likes. The like button is below the cake image (sometimes it loads slow, pls consider. 🙂 )
  2. The contest is until Sunday (July 24, 2016) UTC-5. We will inform the cake decorator of the winning entry right away.
  3. The winner will be posted in our FB page and in our Wall of Fame. Post may contain the image of the cake, name of the cake and its decorator and other special information which the cake decorator would like to add.
Have fun and inspire others! 😀
Excited to see the cake images? Click the numbers below the advertisement to begin seeing the 26 Cake Entries from the Award-Winning Cake Decorators! 😀


  1. Susan I can assure you it’s not a fake owl , this lady has great talent , I’ve seen a lot of her cakes and their all fabulous

  2. Shefadae’s #13 was all simple yet delicious. And also she was nice and courteous.

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